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1)     Account settings

1-    How do I change my password?
Following the methods below, you may simply change your password at anytime:

·       To change your website password, go to:

-        After logging in, click on your username, go to your dashboard >> Update Credentials.

-        Enter your current/temporary password and your new password and press submit.

·       To change your password using the app, follow these steps:

-        Sing in to your account, then head to "Account” from the bottom layout, then press on the edit button on the upper right side and choose "change password”

-        Enter your current/temporary password and your new password and press submit.

2-    Why can't I log in to my account?
If DoozieMall doesn’t allow you to log in to your account, you have probably been deactivated. To know more, connect us.


2)     Orders

1-    What is the limit number for orders that I can order?
For the number of orders as a buyer, there is no limit, but there is a limit that your orders won’t be over 2000 JOD. (ask levon)

2-    Can I change or modify my order?

·       Since our shops will deliver within 48, canceling the order and reordering is a more secure and faster process to get the order you want.

·       For already shipped orders, the shipping address CAN NOT be changed.

3-    Are there additional taxes charges?
The prices displayed on DoozieMall will include the applicable taxes.

4-    How can I place an order?
After logging in to your account as a buyer, you need to:

·       Go to the selected item that you want to purchase, select the size or measures you want, then add it to the cart.

·       Go to cart and choose "proceed to pay”, then choose between (ship to your address and pick up at the store), then press check out.  

·       Press continue and choose the payment method you want.

·       Finally, press confirm.


3)    Payment Methods

1-     What are your payment methods?
We accept the following payment methods:

·          Cash on Delivery

·       Credit Card

·       Pick-Up Payments

2-     How does cash on delivery works at DoozieMall?

·       We accept Cash on delivery! Order now and pay at your address.

·       Regardless of the number of items in your basket, cash payment orders will be charged an additional fee per order. It is the shop's responsibility to charge for cash on delivery.

·       If you return an item, the cost of the item will be credited to your Wallet.

·       The Cash on Delivery fee will not be returned in the event of a return.

3-     How does the credit card process work?

·       We accept Credit cards, when you choose a product and buy it, you need to fill in your credit card information, (check our privacy policy to know more about our security terms).

·       If you return an item, the cost of the item will be credited to your Wallet, but the cost of delivery will not be returned. 

·       The buyer will pay for the item collection fees.

·       The delivery fee will not be returned in the event of a return.

4-     Why doesn’t DoozieMall save credit cards, or credit card information?

DoozieMall will not collect or retain any of your payment information, such as credit card, debit card, or any other type of payment card information, that is stored by the payment service provider for the sole purpose of payment processing and/or payment verification.


4)     Delivery

1-     How long does it take to deliver my order?
Our orders are delivered within 48 hours maximum.

2-     Do you ship to my country?

For now, DoozieMall is based and works only in Jordan.

3-     Which delivery companies do you work with?
For now, DoozieMall isn’t responsible for delivery. The delivery process is the responsibility of the shop and the vendor.

4-     Can I receive my order from the shop?
If the shop provides a "Pick up” option, then you can receive it from the shop itself or the pick-up address the vendor provides. You CANNOT receive your order from DoozieMall as this isn’t an option in any case.


5)     Return, Cancellation, and Exchange

1-     Is it possible for me to cancel my purchase?

·       If your order's status is "verification pending", "Cash On Delivery," or "preparing," you can cancel it by clicking the (X) button on the selected order after you've completed your purchase.

·       After your order has been dispatched, we cannot cancel it.

2-    How can I use Reward Points on my wallet? (we will discuss first)

3-     What is your refund process?
After the acceptance of the refund order request, the amount will be directed to your wallet, not your credit card account.

While the process for cash on delivery the shop will send a collection man whowill be paid by the buyer, then the buyer will be refunded by cash.

4-     I cannot see the refund in my bank account. What should I do? Where can I see the refund amount?
The refund amount will be added to your wallet at DoozieMall, not your bank account.

5-     Can I exchange my order for new items?
Exchanging items/orders isn’t available at DoozieMall.


6)    Items and Coupons

1-    Can I use a coupon code for more than one order?
It will depend on the "coupons’ details” that are directed to you.

2-    Can I use more than one coupon code in the same order?
It will depend on the "coupons’ details” that are directed to you.

3-    What do I get for sharing with a friend?
Share with your friend and you both will earn rewarding points. (we will discuss first)

4-    Do you provide non-essential items?
We provide a variety of products that are included under many categories.

5-    If I placed an order, but forgot to use a coupon, can I add it after that?
We're sorry, we cannot add coupons to orders that have already been placed. On the bright side, you can save this code for your next purchase! Or, you could cancel the current order, then place a new order using the code or points.

·       Some items might be sold out by the time you re-purchase.

·       Every coupon has an expiration date.


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